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Translation and localization. The growth of the Internet and e-commerce makes it necessary for all companies on the Web to create multi-lingual support for their web sites. Any company with an effective Web site needs an international customer base. Foreign language content on Web site is a way to access more additional customers . Russian segment of the Web is one of the fastest growing on the Web. Russian version of your website means additional 40,000,000 potential customers. It's worth doing!

Development of your Russian Web site is a complex problem. We offer a reliable, high quality solution to Russian language Web site development. Please look at our finished works, translated websites:
IFT Poultry, Script Service Corporation. Professional translators translate the text content while our localization engineers localize the graphics, scripts etc.

How does it work? First of all we should translate the content of the site (including hidden words).It's a work for our translators. Then our programmers should insert the translated content in the HTML code. Then it's necessary to make some changes in the code to make the site readable for different Russian (Cyrillic) codepages. We should solve some other (technological) problems.It's necessary to translate your scripts, graphic texts etc. When the translation is finished it's necessary to adjust your site for Russian cultural and linguistic differences. It's possible to do only in close cooperation with our client.

Russian segment. Russia has its newsgroups, mailing lists, search engines and announcement sites. We'll list your site to increase your exposure with your target market.

We offer easy and reliable solution to Russian language Web site development. Our prices are not high at all, our turn-around time is short, you pay when the job is done.

Contact us ! If you need Russian version of your website, please contact us. We'll give you the exact fee for translation and localization of your site.

Our e-mail: info@russian-translators.net

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